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Wildfire is more than just a site for exotic massage oils and great ideas for date nights. At its very core, Wildfire is about connection. When Leeanne Ivory, the company’s founder, began to look around, she noticed that there was a direct correlation to the progress of technology, and the level of unhappiness between couples. As people were connecting virtually, they were forgetting to continue to remain connected in the real world. Something as simple as a touch, she discovered, could do just that. And, in fact, it could do more. It could rekindle, reconnect, and strengthen the bond between two people. It is about connection.

‘Wildfire’ really exists in nature. It is defined as that ‘spark’ that ignites quickly and spreads over a great distance and is difficult to put out. That’s what we, as a company, hope to do for you, as well as for our planet. We are proud to be part of a growing movement of businesses that are not only locally conscious, using and producing only sustainable products, but globally conscious, using our resources to make the planet a better place for us all. It is about connection, between us all.

Whether you use our oils to reconnect, to begin something new, or to nurture a most cherished relationship, Wildfire is here to help. We are honoured that so many have chosen to utilize our products. Wildfire truly connects, hearts, minds, bodies, souls, and in a greater sense, communities.

Re-connection is at the heart of our products, and whether couples are exploring their relationship in new ways, learning to love their own bodies, or enjoying the pleasure formulas that nature has to offer, Wildfire pledges to be there to support you through this journey we call life.
Wildfire products are proudly Australian made sourcing the most stunning essential oils and herbal aphrodisiacs from around the globe.

Wildfire products are proudly Australian made sourcing the most stunningessential oils and herbal aphrodisiacs from around the globe.

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