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First Date DO's and DONT'S

First dates – the infamous occasions that we either love or hate, eagerly anticipate or begrudgingly dread. While expectations and experiences change from person to person, there are a few... Read More

Edible Body Butter in the Bedroom

Body butter is not the same thing as a lotion or massage oil, and in fact, is thicker and more luxurious than all of those combined….and it’s edible.... Read More

Do Natural Aphrodisiacs Really Exist

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Spice Up Your Date Night


Trying to grab some time alone with your partner, let alone making time for sex, can be really hard sometimes. So, when you do get some precious hours... Read More

Touch Deprivation is a Real Thing – And You Might Have It

How Touching Helps (and feels good, too!)

Did you know that ‘touch deprivation’ is a real thing?

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How To Bring Romance Back Into Your Relationship

So you’re in a relationship rut. Maybe you’ve finally realised that the honeymoon phase is over, or perhaps you’re both so busy with work, family and other commitments that it... Read More