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Sex Positions that Double as a Workout

Sex Positions that Double as a Workout

  • By - Adam
  • 8 August, 2018

Don’t have time to get to the gym? Or – worse – don’t have time to spend with your partner? Kill two birds with one stone by incorporating these sex positions into your life – and reap the benefits. Sex on it’s own burns an average of 100 calories per romp. Well, these positions bring sexercise to a new, exciting an purposeful level.



Just like, well, scissors, cross your legs with your partners’. You’ll both need to squeeze your inner-thigh and stabilise your core in this position. You can do this position spooning if traditional scissoring seems too daunting. Don’t worry if it feels awkward at first – you’ll ease into it (and get a great workout doing so). 

Best for: thighs, core

EVEB BETTER: ladies – lift your leg as high as you can for super-deep penetration (and a great stretch)



With the woman (or ‘bottom’) on all fours, core engagement is happening happens naturally. Your quadriceps and glutes (read: thighs and butt) will also get a workout as you stay positioned even with such, uhh, impact. The male or ‘top’ partner gets a great thigh and butt workout – naturally. 

Best for:: core, butt

EVEN BETTER: modify doggy style slightly by the bottom putting their hands against a wall or bedpost, rather than flat on the ground. It will force more intense core engagement – plus, it’s a great arm workout. 




Planking – sounds kind of… boring, right? Wrong. Bottom planks on the bed (that’s head up, core engaged), and the partner enters them from behind (getting a nice leg and butt workout while they’re at it). Top – the closer and flatter you are to your partner, the better for your core. 
Best for: legs, core

EVEN BETTER: bottom. use your arms to hike up your head and shoulders (think cobra position) for an epic arm workout. 


Let’s get it out of the way: sex standing up can be downright awkward. But if you have a comfortable space and confidence with your partner, it can be amazing – not to mention a super-effective exercise session. The woman stands on one leg, with the other wrapped around her partner’s waist while they face each other.

Best for: legs, arms

EVEN BETTER: the woman wrapping both legs around her partner, letting him fully support her. Core and arm workout for him – and an arm workout for her. 



Just like riding a horse, the woman’s abs and pelvis get a killer workout – as well as an engaged core and butt from balancing upright. We won’t lie – this isn’t the most effective workout for the male partner, but will certainly be a visual treat. The man can lift both arms over the woman’s butt, pulling her forward, for a good arm workout. 

BEST FORarms, abs

EVEN BETTER: ladies – it’s time to squat over your man. You may need a bit of warm-up so you don’t collapse – but if you perfect this move, you will be getting a fantastic leg, butt and hip workout. 



As well as being a great position for a sexercise session, the arched position is also renowned for female pleasure. The woman rests on her shoulders, while the male supports her butt and thighs around his waist. This results in an effective arm workout for him, and a core and leg workout for her.

BEST FOR: arms, core

EVEN BETTER: if the woman is flexible – try lifting one leg over the male’s shoulder for a more intense core workout.