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What Your Star Sign Says About Your Sex Life


Your zodiac sign can reveal a lot about your personality and how you react in different situations. Here, we reveal what you’re like in the bedroom, what you crave from your lover, what you can’t stand, and which star sign your perfect match is. 



IN the bedroom you’re: adventurous, assertive, energetic

You crave: physical touch, affection, gratification.

You hate: games and drama.

Your perfect match: Libra – the perfect sign to pursue.






In the bedroom you’re: sensual, passionate, possessive.`

You crave: gifts, stimulation of the senses (food, music, touch), attention.
You hate: time and energy wasters, insecure lovers.

Your PERFECT match: Scorpio – opposites attract.






In the bedroom you’re: easygoing, dirty, experimental.

You crave: intellectual conversation, dirty talk, variety.
You hate: being bored and superficiality.

Your perfect match: Sagittarius – they also love to get freaky.







In the bedroom you’re: sensual, creative, intuitive.

You crave: comfort, security, thoughtful gestures.
You hate: flakiness and superficiality.

Your perfect match: Capricorn – they’re super kinky, and you’re more than willing to oblige.






In the bedroom you’re: passionate, generous, charming.

You crave: excitement, being the centre-of-attention, constant validation.
You hate: clinginess, being taken for granted, being bored.

Your perfect match: Aquarius – they’re just as confident as Leo for loud and experimental sex.






In the bedroom you’re: sensual, giving, sweet.

You crave: trust, clean surroundings, physical touch and massage.
You hate: rushing things, casual arrangements.

Your perfect match: Pisces –  they are also lovers and givers, resulting in an intense sexual experience.






n the bedroom you’re: sensuous, soulful, expressive.

You crave: physical attraction, mental stimulation, foreplay.
You hate: crudeness, aggression, feeling lonely.

Your perfect match: Aries – you’ll have energetic, creative sex aplenty with this fellow adventurer.







In the bedroom you’re: seductive, kinky, possessive.

You crave: deep emotional connection, excitement, drama.
You hate: casual sex, shallow conversation, being submissive.

Your perfect match: Taurus – also requires strong emotional connection for intense lovemaking.






In the bedroom you’re:Flirty, affectionate, playful.

You crave: spontaneity, variety, openness.
You hate: anything too serious, getting bored, possessive lovers.

Your perfect match: Gemini – both curious free-spirits, adventurous & often kinkysex will ensue.







In the bedroom you’re: Patient, seductive, full of stamina.

You crave: being seduced and courted, gratification.
You hate: PDA, moving too quickly.

Your perfect match: Cancer – their mysterious nature drives you crazy.







In the bedroom you’re: unconventional, enthusiastic, imaginative.

You crave: mental connection, loyalty, being seduced.
You hate: losing control, conservative lovers, dishonesty.

Your perfect match: Leo – you’ll appreciate their directness when it comes to telling you what they want.







In the bedroom you’re: Bewitching, romantic, fragile.

You crave: sensual stimulation (music, poetry, perfume), giving, imaginative lovemaking.
You hate: insensitivity, hurtful comments, casual arrangements.

Your perfect match: Virgo – their sweet and sensual nature complements your fragile, romantic style.

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